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  • Democracy Now! Friday, November 28, 2014
    Novelist Isabel Allende on Her Literary Career and Memories of Chile During the CIA-Backed Coup
    mp4 size: 450272067;  torrent infohash: e1470656f1a6d293015dc8b49685d2b3ba2bf549
  • Democracy Now! Thursday, November 27, 2014
    In U.N. Speech, Noam Chomsky Blasts United States for Supporting Israel, Blocking Palestinian State; Noam Chomsky at United Nations: It Would Be Nice if the United States Lived Up to International Law
    mp4 size: 445258667;  torrent infohash: 78d9329392626cd82cea8f50adc63e31d47ba231
  • Democracy Now! Wednesday, November 26, 2014
    Headlines for November 26, 2014; "This Country Values Property Over People": Ferguson Activist Speaks Out as Protests Spread; Rev. Sharpton: Legacy of Civil Rights Movement Shows Need for Feds to Bring Justice if State Fails; Mississippi Burning: As Ferguson Erupts, Obama Honors Civil Rights Activists Slain By Klan in 1964; "I Didn't Know What the Sky Looked Like Any More": Ricky Jackson Exonerated After 39 Years in Jail
    mp4 size: 438727872;  torrent infohash: b42500baeb8006183a2c15b4c0f2acbc76685dba
  • Democracy Now! Tuesday, November 25, 2014
    Headlines for November 25, 2014; Black Lives Matter: Ferguson Erupts After Grand Jury Clears Officer in Michael Brown Killing; "It is Officially Open Season on Black Folks": Legal Expert Decries Handling of Wilson Grand Jury; Riot as the Language of the Unheard: Ferguson Protests Set to Continue In Fight For Racial Justice
    mp4 size: 455678870;  torrent infohash: bac27baff87ff417cfd722a6167dfdef1b5432a1
  • Democracy Now! Monday, November 24, 2014
    Headlines for November 24, 2014; After Vowing to End Combat Mission in Afghanistan, Obama Secretly Extends America's Longest War; Longest-Serving U.S. Prisoner in Solitary Ordered Free Again, But State Obstruction Bars His Release
    mp4 size: 412073984;  torrent infohash: fd1c7f29a614b62e96ec9417b118aea075e29cf8
  • Democracy Now! Thursday, April 3, 2014
    Headlines for April 03, 2014; Sen. Bernie Sanders: Supreme Court Undermines Democracy by Allowing Billionaires to "Buy Elections"; "The Next Citizens United": McCutcheon Opens Floodgates for 1 Percent to Spend Millions on Campaigns; Ex-Auto Safety Head & Parent of Dead Victim: GM CEOs Should Face Prison for Covering Up Safety Flaws
    mp4 size: 442971490;  torrent infohash: 045be405c6acb603ca2914c3cd091381c082c8d9
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