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  • Democracy Now! Friday, September 19, 2014
    Headlines for September 19, 2014; A People's Climate Movement: Indigenous, Labor, Faith Groups Prepare for Historic March
    mp4 size: 453542822;  torrent infohash: fbc7bc7f3745e08d10bcf27fb6bd9be37064cff9
  • Democracy Now! Thursday, September 18, 2014
    Headlines for September 18, 2014; Capitalism vs. the Climate: Naomi Klein on Need for New Economic Model to Address Ecological Crisis; Naomi Klein on the People's Climate March & the Global Grassroots Movement Fighting Fossil Fuels
    mp4 size: 449287567;  torrent infohash: e96bf16bcb5917c380a177766da8ecdfe77f3717
  • Democracy Now! Wednesday, September 17, 2014
    Headlines for September 17, 2014; U.S. Ground Troops Back in Iraq? General Hints Broader Military Effort May Be Needed to Fight ISIS; As Activists Gear Up for People's Climate March, Rep. Jim McDermott Pushes Carbon Tax; Debate: Should Scotland Vote for Independence? Musician Billy Bragg vs. Historian Sam Wetherell
    mp4 size: 446562719;  torrent infohash: 7296bcbccd885dd525272e3617dfd560a1194d3b
  • Democracy Now! Tuesday, September 16, 2014
    Headlines for September 16, 2014; A Survivor's Burden: Columbia Student Carries Mattress on Campus Until Alleged Rapist is Expelled; "We Will Not Be Silenced": Students Denounce Rape at Columbia as Schools Face Scrutiny for Inaction; An NFL Wife Tells Her Story: Intimidated Spouses Followed "Code of Silence" Around Domestic Abuse
    mp4 size: 449065983;  torrent infohash: 0631a76676c47f05fd44dd669491261e464b6fa2
  • Democracy Now! Monday, September 15, 2014
    Headlines for September 15, 2014; Is There a Diplomatic Solution to ISIS Crisis? U.S. Could Turn to Aid, Arms Embargo & Engaging Foes; Who Pays the Pro-War Pundits? Conflicts of Interest Exposed for TV Guests Backing Military Action; Underestimated and Ignored, Growing Ebola Epidemic Requires Unprecedented Global Mobilization
    mp4 size: 448110009;  torrent infohash: 7cfaf2669c8ba0034acd3ea1a64fb15b20357b70
  • Democracy Now! Thursday, April 3, 2014
    Headlines for April 03, 2014; Sen. Bernie Sanders: Supreme Court Undermines Democracy by Allowing Billionaires to "Buy Elections"; "The Next Citizens United": McCutcheon Opens Floodgates for 1 Percent to Spend Millions on Campaigns; Ex-Auto Safety Head & Parent of Dead Victim: GM CEOs Should Face Prison for Covering Up Safety Flaws
    mp4 size: 442971490;  torrent infohash: 045be405c6acb603ca2914c3cd091381c082c8d9
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