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  • Democracy Now! Thursday, August 27, 2015
    Headlines for August 27, 2015; Guatemala President Faces Arrest as Business Interests and U.S. Scramble to Contain Uprising; Remembering Hurricane Katrina 10 Years Later: Voices from the Storm; New Orleans After Katrina: Inequality Soars as Poor Continue to Be Left Behind in City's "Recovery"; If You are Poor, It's Like the Hurricane Just Happened: Malik Rahim on Katrina 10 Years After
    mp4 size: 451136656;  torrent infohash: 4d6e0bf0a18bc6956ac2585edb5fecda7466303b
  • Democracy Now! Wednesday, August 26, 2015
    Headlines for August 26, 2015; Two Separate Americas: David Simon's New Mini-Series Looks at "Hypersegregation" in Public Housing; David Simon on Katrina Anniversary: New Orleans "May Be the Greatest Gift We Have to Offer"; The Drug War Has to End: David Simon on "The Wire" & Over-Policing of the Poor
    mp4 size: 458317849;  torrent infohash: 86fb124f195895899cc5a23c7f3e564bc38542e1
  • Democracy Now! Tuesday, August 25, 2015
    Headlines for August 25, 2015; "Casino Capitalism": Economist Michael Hudson on What's Behind the Stock Market's Rollercoaster Ride; As Peace Talks Collapse in South Sudan, Film Shows "Pathology of Colonialism" Tearing Apart Nation; Hip-Hop Legend Boots Riley on #BlackLivesMatter & How His Cousin Was Acquitted in Cop Shooting
    mp4 size: 435448292;  torrent infohash: f3e47f2f6f60e2ecff226448cb57b726d1380f4a
  • Democracy Now! Monday, August 24, 2015
    Headlines for August 24, 2015; We Need to Fix Our Democracy: Lawrence Lessig Weighs Presidential Run to Rid Money from Politics; Sarah Shourd, Hiker Jailed in Iran, Says Nuclear Deal Could Lead to Release of Detained Americans; "Opening the Box": After Being Jailed in Iran, Sarah Shourd Examines Solitary Confinement in U.S.; Facebook Accused of Censoring Hundreds of Prisoners by Purging Profile Pages Without Cause; In Guatemala, Protests Threaten to Unseat President, a U.S.-Backed General Implicated in Mass Murder
    mp4 size: 443324473;  torrent infohash: f82fda431c30d3aa070c69dc69ad0aaf053b6b19
  • Democracy Now! Friday, August 21, 2015
    Headlines for August 21, 2015; Greek PM Tsipras Resigns, Calls for New Election as Left Wing of Syriza Splits to Form New Party; Sen. Bernie Sanders: From Greece to Puerto Rico, the Financial Rules Are Rigged to Favor the 1%; Global Warming Worsens California Drought as July Becomes Hottest Month on Record; In Victory for Corporations, Court Rejects Rule on Labeling Goods Containing "Conflict Minerals"; In a Final Speech, Civil Rights Icon Julian Bond Declares: "We Must Practice Dissent"
    mp4 size: 447662613;  torrent infohash: f1503fdfdea2ef93b65a4b2413fd612d7e51f8b4
  • Democracy Now! Thursday, April 3, 2014
    Headlines for April 03, 2014; Sen. Bernie Sanders: Supreme Court Undermines Democracy by Allowing Billionaires to "Buy Elections"; "The Next Citizens United": McCutcheon Opens Floodgates for 1 Percent to Spend Millions on Campaigns; Ex-Auto Safety Head & Parent of Dead Victim: GM CEOs Should Face Prison for Covering Up Safety Flaws
    mp4 size: 442971490;  torrent infohash: 045be405c6acb603ca2914c3cd091381c082c8d9
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