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  • Democracy Now! Friday, November 21, 2014
    Headlines for November 21, 2014; Obama's Action Marks Historic Victory for Immigrant Rights, But Activists Warn of a Long Way to Go; As Mexicans Protest US-Fueled Drug War, Sanctuary Movement Backs Church Refuge for the Undocumented; Food Chains: New Film Tracks How Immokalee Workers Won Fair Wages from Corporate Giants; Viggo Mortensen Helps Mark 10 Years of Howard Zinn's "Voices of a People’s History"
    mp4 size: 434360627;  torrent infohash: b96a6a7002b272f2412d4a845db906c290009526
  • Democracy Now! Thursday, November 20, 2014
    Headlines for November 20, 2014; From Hottest October to Coldest November, Is Climate Change Behind the Extreme Weather?; The Life and Mind of Mark DeFriest: New Film Captures Florida Prisoner's Shocking Ordeal Behind Bars; "Just Mercy": Bryan Stevenson on Ferguson, Prison Reform & Why the Opposite of Poverty is Justice
    mp4 size: 442285358;  torrent infohash: a85dee9432abae275db60c11b366c406c656bb06
  • Democracy Now! Wednesday, November 19, 2014
    Headlines for November 19, 2014; Jerusalem Unrest Threatens Wider Flare-Up After Deadliest Attack on Israeli Civilians in 3 Years; "Palestinians Always Live in Fear": Jerusalem Killings Follow Months of Tensions, Settlement Growth; As Sioux Tribe Calls Keystone XL an "Act of War", TransCanada Hires PR Firm to Probe Critics
    mp4 size: 448752011;  torrent infohash: efcf6e6f2bacd1ea8107aee4abc9f8c0e6f2bc09
  • Democracy Now! Tuesday, November 18, 2014
    Headlines for November 18, 2014; Return of the Ferguson War Zone? Missouri Enacts State of Emergency Ahead of Mike Brown Grand Jury; The FBI vs. Martin Luther King: Inside J. Edgar Hoover's "Suicide Letter" to Civil Rights Leader; No Debate: Antiwar Voices Absent from Corporate TV News Ahead of U.S. Attacks on Iraq & Syria
    mp4 size: 440640697;  torrent infohash: 953948911cf594f3c7ce1656fbcd4c0b66c40b0c
  • Democracy Now! Monday, November 17, 2014
    Headlines for November 17, 2014; Is Obama's Immigration Plan Too Modest? Proposals Cover Less Than Half of Nation's Undocumented; Immigrant Rights Activists Vow to Continue Fighting Deportations as Obama Prepares Executive Order; Naomi Klein: Reject Keystone XL Pipeline, We Need Radical Change to Prevent Catastrophic Warming; Terror at the Top of the World: Is Climate Change Leading to More Attacks by Polar Bears in Arctic?
    mp4 size: 436637247;  torrent infohash: 4b3bd505d94705529c6007a725dc4f4f4a2b789d
  • Democracy Now! Thursday, April 3, 2014
    Headlines for April 03, 2014; Sen. Bernie Sanders: Supreme Court Undermines Democracy by Allowing Billionaires to "Buy Elections"; "The Next Citizens United": McCutcheon Opens Floodgates for 1 Percent to Spend Millions on Campaigns; Ex-Auto Safety Head & Parent of Dead Victim: GM CEOs Should Face Prison for Covering Up Safety Flaws
    mp4 size: 442971490;  torrent infohash: 045be405c6acb603ca2914c3cd091381c082c8d9
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